EntertainmentCelebrityMadonna has a boiled egg face says Lorraine Kelly in body shaming

Madonna has a boiled egg face says Lorraine Kelly in body shaming

Madonna is perhaps an eccentric pop star, posing naked, creating a non-fungible token or NFT that looks like her vagina but she is rarely body shamed as she was last week by a Scottish broadcaster, Lorraine Kelly, who says she is crossed by the latest Madonna fad that made her face look like a boiled egg!

Now Kelly is being criticised for ‘body shaming’ the pop icon by viewers after she referred to Madonna’s face as a “boiled egg” during the celebrity news segment on her show, Lorraine which was aired on Monday, October 10.

Over the weekend, Madonna, 64, released a video on TikTok that featured her rolling around her bathroom and attempting to throw a pair of pants in a bin.

Boiled Egg Face or Gay?

Madonna was playing, “If I don’t get the panties in the bin, I’m gay”.

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However, Kelly was not impressed with the video, saying on her eponymous daytime TV show: “Is that actually Madonna? I don’t recognise her!”

She continued: “Honestly, what’s she done? She was so beautiful. Why, why, why do women do this to themselves? She looks like a boiled egg, she doesn’t look like she’s got any features.

“I’m cross because I really like her, I really do.”

Kelly spoke to celebrity expert Ross King where she speaks with the latest news in the entertainment industry every morning.

“I don’t understand what she’s doing there, I’m not sure what that’s all about,” added Kelly about the video.

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Kelly then went on to compliment Annie Lennox, who at the age of 67 has got a brand new tattoo of a bold red heart with two hummingbirds. Comparing the two pop stars, Kelly said: “Do you know what, 67 years old. We saw the picture of her there, looking phenomenal! And she looks a hell of a lot better than Madonna does because she hasn’t had any work done on her face and she looks incredible!

“Anyway, it’s one of my bug bears!”

Netizens React On Madonna and Kelly

Netizens were quick to express their thoughts on Kelly’s comments, with several calling her out for body-shaming.

@HollyJadeCarter wrote: “@reallorraine body shaming Madonna. Back in your box Lorraine, you are no Queen #madonna“, while @tudorgurl said of the matter: “It’s not for you to understand what she does with her life or her body is it @reallorraine #madonna“.

Another, @wukster2, added of the comparison between the two succesful singers: “But you are part of the problem you clown @reallorraine @lorraine. What is the point of comparing Madonna’s appearance to Annie Lennox? Two diff unrelated segments but u had to pit one woman against the other.”

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Alongside cambridgegirl, who said: “#lorraine admitting she no longer likes Madonna now that she’s got old…awkward”

Meanwhile, several viewers were in agreement with Lorraine, with one citing: “It’s sad that icons like Madonna feel pressure to fill their faces with botox & collagen & end up looking like a boiled egg. (Speaking as someone with lots of wrinkles). It’s so refreshing seeing female celebs with wrinkles & real faces. #lorraine”

Kelly was also criticised on social media for her remarks with one viewer slamming Kelly for pitting two women against each other: “Lorraine Kelly who apparently is an ambassador for mental health and “champion of women” slagging off Madonna’s age and pitting 2 women against each other for no reason? DISGUSTING! ITV truly are trash.”

A Madonna fan also retorted on social media: “Who the heck is Lorraine Kelly? We certainly know who the icon Madonna is! Why are you trying to shame Madonna, Lorraine? Does she make you feel so uncomfortable you blast her look in the photo?”

Another viewer also called out the presenter for “body shaming” the singer, writing: “Lorraine I do not understand the love people have for you. You are body shaming Madonna cause she had work done what gives you the right to do that. Typical from you.”

Madonna has yet to respond to Kelly’s comments.

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