Maid’s shocking abuse of elderly mother of working single-parent caught on camera

A video shared by Facebook user Simon Ong which shows a maid’s horrid abuse of an elderly woman is going viral with over 10,000 shares. Simon said he was re-sharing the video of another Facebook user Jammy Tan.

The video, posted on Sep 23, shows a maid manhandling the elderly Chinese woman badly and throwing her about. Simon quotes Jammy as saying that she hired the maid because she was a single-parent who had a busy career, and so, needed help to care for her elderly mother.

A few weeks after the maid started work, Jammy began to see blue-black marks on her mother’s body. Jammy’s mother could not tell her that she was being abused as she could not speak clearly.

When she confronted the maid, the maid told her that the elderly woman might have accidentally knocked herself somewhere several times. Jammy installed a CCTV fearing the worst, as she got worried from seeing several accounts of cruel maid abuse elsewhere.

Jammy was horrified at what the CCTV showed her.

Jammy said that maid was arrested after she made a police report. She added that the incident taught her never to totally trust a maid. Jammy further cautioned everyone who had a maid to be watchful over how they treat their care-receivers.

It is unclear when or where the incident happened, but it is believed to have happened in Malaysia.