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Malaysian actress Maya Karin highlights river overflowing with trash, JPS reminds public to keep rivers clean




KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 18 — Actress recently took to her accounts to highlight the problem of a river overflowing with trash in Kuala Lumpur.

The photos were reposted by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) along with additional images of another river overflowing with more garbage as a result from the and heavy last week.

According to the JPS post, the photograph uploaded by Maya Karin was from last year, and they had taken the opportunity to share more images of the similar problem in another location in the city to serve as a reminder to the public to take the issue more seriously in the future.

“Take a look at the types of garbage that you see here, is natural waste or is from man-made waste?

“When are we going to change this sort of behaviour?” JPS said in their post.

According to JPS River Basin Management Division director Md Khairi Selamat, the photos uploaded by JPS were taken at the Kolam Delima on September 12.

He said Kolam Delima is connected to the Jinjang river stream and the Keroh diversion stream where the accumulation of garbage often accumulation of garbage often occurs with heavy rains and floods.

“The garbage is carried by river currents upstream from the river that’s connected to drainages in residential areas.

“Some of it also comes directly from the surface brought by the rain straight into the river,” Khairi told Malay Mail adding that most of the trash found were bottles.

However, in the same post, JPS has also added a photo which was taken just a day after the initial image was taken showing the Kolam Delima all cleaned up.

“As shown in the picture, one of our methods is by dispatching a crew on a sampan (canoe) to manually collect the garbage and where it will then be disposed properly,” he said.

Khairi said that JPS conducts cleaning routines at all of their log booms as often as three times per week.

He said, among the initiatives taken by JPS to keep rivers cleaninclude their Public Outreach Programme which is the River of programme that aims to educate the public about loving and keeping our rivers clean.

The River of Life programme also aims to train the public not to throw trash into the river and at the same time to cultivate a sense of “ownership'” of our rivers.

Khairi suggested that local councils take necessary as well as revamp methods of collecting and disposing of garbage.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at contentservices@htlive.com

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