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Malaysian cat Nana visits former owner’s grave every morning for two years now




PETALING JAYA – Many know the story of Japanese Hachiko that waited for its owner at the train station for nine years even after his .

Closer to home, a in Kelantan, , has visited its owner’s grave everyday for two years now, after his death.

The late owner’s Hazlynn Nozi told that her father, was a retired teacher, was very fond of cats and always looked after his cats.

“But six-year-old Nana had a special bond with dad. She was extremely close to him.

“Nana has been visiting dad’s grave every morning and would just sit down next or even next to his grave.”

Hazlynn also said that when her father was alive, he was always the one fed Nana in the morning before he went to the .

“Nana always followed dad to the mosque and waited for him to finish his prayers before she followed him back home.

“There was a bond that this particular cat had with dad as compared to the other cats at home.”

When Hazlynn’s dad passed away two years ago, Hazlynn said that initially Nana lost her appetite and lost some weight.

“She was better after three months and started eating normally but she would also linger around where dad spent his time – like on the swing which was dad’s favourite spot or even sit on his old car.

“And she has been loyally visiting his grave since he passed away two years ago.”

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