Malaysian entrepreneur records himself crying as his Ferrari burns on the highway

A Malaysian cosmetics entrepreneur has recorded himself crying as his Ferrari 458 Italia went up in flames on the Malaysian Highway on Thursday (July 26). The Italian supercar is estimated to have cost about $442,000.

In refusing to speculate how the incident happened, the entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman (age 30) said he trusted the authorities to investigate the cause of the fire.

The police in confirming that the incident happened in a highway near the Malaysian city of Petaling Jeya said the car was driven by an Australian man at the time of the incident. He realised that a fire had started at the exhaust pipe of the car and stopped the vehicle in the emergency lane.

A team of firemen managed to put off the fire, but not before the luxury car was totally destroyed by the fire.

Aliff who is also the lead star of the Malay movie Badang, confessed that the vehicle was his and said, “I am a weak man… please strengthen my spirit, ya Allah. What should I do, my beloved car was bought for 1.8 million Malaysian Ringgit.”