AsiaMalaysiaMalaysian rapper Joe Flizzow hilariously denies involvement after 'lookalike' spotted in viral...

Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow hilariously denies involvement after ‘lookalike’ spotted in viral road rage video

Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow responds to viral road rage video featuring his 'lookalike', hilariously denies involvement

KUALA LUMPUR — A viral road rage video of four men assaulting a motorist and damaging his vehicle led to some unexpected laughs when rapper Joe Flizzow took to social media to ‘deny’ it was him.

Social media users were quick to point out that one of the suspects who was bald and wearing sunglasses resembled Flizzow, which led to his name trending on Twitter.

Flizzow took to his social media to upload a video of his ‘denial’.

“I want you to listen.

“Just this one time, just one time only.

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“The bald uncle (in the video) is not me!”

Flizzow’s tweet garnered over 1,000 retweets with over 2,000 likes.

Twitter user, InjangNation has tweeted a photo of Joe Flizzow along with a photo of the suspect side by side with the caption ‘Joe Flizzow bought at Pavillion versus Joe Flizzow ordered online copy ori grade AAA’.

Another Twitter user, Babudinho retweeted the video of the incident with the caption ‘When you get Joe Flizzow with a discount code’.

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The Royal Malaysia Police of the South Klang district meanwhile through a media release confirmed that the four individuals in the video had been nabbed.

The incident took place when the victim was driving with his cousin in Taman Sentosa, Klang before their car was hit from behind by the suspects who were driving a white Honda Civic.

The suspects were reported to have assaulted the victim’s car by breaking his window before assaulting him.

The suspects also took one of the victim’s phone before fleeing the scene.

All four suspects were tested positive for methamphetamine and currently being investigated under Section 394/427 of the Penal Code.

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