Julius Malema

South Africa has an enormous problem when it comes to the racial relations between its people. Unfortunately, the country’s past was terrible during the apartheid. But now, a South African politician is calling for the death of White South Africans. Julius Malema made the call a few months ago, but conservative Americans are still finding it unsettling for obvious reasons.

According to NDTV, Julius Malema’s remarks have ignited global outrage. At the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) 10th-anniversary rally, Malema incited violence against White farmers with the chant “Kill the Boer.” 

Addressing 90,000 supporters in Johannesburg, Malema received a concerningly strong reception. His comments come amidst preparations for the 2024 national elections, with polls indicating potential decline for the ruling African National Congress. The controversial song, rooted in apartheid-era tensions, has drawn condemnation from the opposition Democratic Alliance. 

Malema’s defense of the chant has sparked further controversy, with criticism from both domestic and international quarters, including Elon Musk. Despite Malema’s defense, the chant remains a contentious issue in South Africa.

X users react to Julius Malema’s call for genocide towards White people 


The post resurfaced again on X and Elon Musk responded again stating that the controversial politician is quite literally calling for genocide. Furthermore, people across the world are worried for South Africa’s future as their general elections are to be held this year. 

Following that, X users state that unaliving the very farmers who help produce food for the country is not the best idea. Ironically, there are some claiming that farming isn’t a White person’s job. But many still remember what happened to Zimbabwe after Mugabe exiled White farmers which led to a devastating famine. 

Now, it seems that Zimbabwe is calling for the return of their White farmers in order to boost their agricultural industry. 

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