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Man assaults teacher in the middle of the road for repeated abuse in high school decades ago




A man in eastern unleashed his long-suppressed rage on his former teacher repeatedly abused him in high 20 years ago, when he bumped into the teacher recently.

The man, named Zhang, stumbled upon his former teacher Zhang along a road in the Henan province. Although the incident occurred six months ago, in June, the of the incident only went this week.

In the , Chang can be seen stopping Zhang who is riding a moped, before asking, “Do you remember me?” Chang then rains on Zhang’s face and head as the former teacher can be heard apologizing profusely.

Days after the incident, Chang identified himself in an online forum and revealed why he attacked Zhang. Chang said that Zhang abused him when he was in his second year of high school, allegedly because Chang came for a poor and lived in a home without electricity,.

Chang recalled that in one incident, Zhang forced him to kneel before the class before kicking him at least 10 times in the head simply because Chang had fallen asleep in class. Chang said that this incident traumatised him and left a lasting scar for him over the course of the next few decades.

Although Zhang reportedly did not file a complaint over the latest incident out of guilt, Chan was a‌rr‌est‌e‌d in the Zhejiang province this week.



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