Relationships are not easy. But when men resort to low-blow tactics like calling you crazy when they can’t get their way, women should be alert and not fall for it as there may be a tendency to be apologetic just to keep the peace. 

Why do they do that

Instill doubt – sometimes your partner just wants you to doubt yourself and they manipulate you into second-guessing yourself. He will make you feel you’re wrong just for bringing up a particular issue when there’s nothing wrong with bringing it up in the first place

Passing the buck- there are times when the other person just wants someone to blame. Instead of finding fault, they will just pass on the blame to you for whatever is happening. 

No accountability- It’s not always the case that people want to take responsibility for their actions. So it’s easier to say you’re nuts for thinking the way you do no matter how valid it is to think that way. 

He/She loves themselves more than they love you – If he is selfish and loves himself more than he loves you. He will also look out for his interest first no matter what the cost. 

He/She wants to invalidate you – This is an easy way out and makes all future arguments moot too as he will just dismiss you as crazy and therefore whatever you say becomes invalid. 

Always wanting things their way – Sometimes all they want is their way or the highway and anything that doesn’t align with their wishes, they brand you as crazy. Watch out for that too. All these are manipulation tactics that brings the focus back to the manipulator and there is no longer a relationship of equals.

Silencing you-Telling someone that they are crazy is one of the best ways to keep them quiet. This is because once you start to question their evaluation of you, you will have a tendency not to express your feelings.

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