EntertainmentCelebrityMargot Robbie’s confidence is dwindling post Babylon

Margot Robbie’s confidence is dwindling post Babylon

Actress Margot Robbie, 32, is not exactly feeling very good about herself of late. Sources say that after a few box office bombs, the actress has lost confidence and that it is starting to show up in her personal life too.

Fans noticed that she had also stopped wearing her wedding ring when she was spotted leaving her friend Cara Delevingne’s home in New York with her husband Tom Ackerley, 32 who was looking a little crestfallen.

According to a source from Hollywood Insider, “There’s a lot of pressure behind the scenes and there’s no doubt this will be spilling over into her marriage. Tom has to take a lot of blame as he’s her number one advisor and producer, so things aren’t exactly happy at home.”

Margot Robbie – Latest Film

Robbie’s latest film Babylon with Brad Pitt was a flop at the box office. “Looks like her five minutes are up. It has not been her year,” were some of the comments received from critics.

Another film critic said, “Margot’s team has gone into crisis mode because she’s not making the studios enough money. No one can believe Babylon hasn’t done well – it was supposed to be the movie that got her onto the Oscars podium. Now there are very real questions being asked about whether or not she’s the big leading lady everyone though she was – even with Brad Pitt as her co-star she’s not drawing ticket goers.”

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The actress also received brickbats for saying she snuck an unscripted kiss with Brad on Babylon because it was her only ‘chance’ to kiss him.

She later had to say that Pitt and her “established our boundaries… because it’s a movie that pushes boundaries in a lot of ways.”


Robbie’s last hope for now is really her next film Barbie in which she stars with Ryan Gosling.

“There’s no doubt the excitement about Margot in Hollywood has plateaued, which is totally normal for an actress and while Margot knows she’s being silly she can’t help feeling a little sensitive about it all,” said the source.

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