Marvel fans detest Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Captain America addressing James...

Marvel fans detest Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Captain America addressing James as ‘Bucky’: ‘It’s Mr. Barnes to you’

Marvel fans contest Winter Soldier's Captain America addressing James as 'Bucky'

India — The second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier served as a treat for Marvel fans following the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the very beginning. The episode featured the highly-anticipated Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes (Sebastian Stan) reunion, their ‘couple’s therapy’ that was teased in the trailer, confirmation of the super-soldiers, a look at Isaiah Bradley, and a glimpse of Zemo.

Amid these revelations and action-packed scenes, fans clearly haven’t made peace with the new Captain America (Wyatt Russell). In the new episode, John Walker was re-introduced as the new Captain America, giving viewers an understanding of factors based on which he was chosen as the new Cap.

John dived into his role as the Cap when Sam and Bucky faced the new super-soldiers, the Flag Smashers. John offered help to Sam and Bucky. However, he has rubbed not only the two Avengers but also the fans the wrong way. First, in an interview on the episode, he called Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) his brother which did not sit down well with Steve-Bucky stans. He then addressed James Barnes with the name “Bucky”, a nickname Steve and Sam addressed James through the three MCU phases, which was a big no from the fandom.

Wyatt, in an interview with REPLACED, said he was prepared for the backlash but hoped that it wasn’t going too harsh. “People are probably going to hate it, and some people are going to love it. (Movies and TV shows) are there to make people feel emotions, and I’m hoping that that’s what this show can do for people. Hopefully they don’t hate me too much,” he said, last week. He also added that “it would be an honour, I guess, to be disliked in the Marvel universe.”

A new episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier debuts every Friday.

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