pillow waterwars giant slide complex

Marvel fans are going to be thrilled to know that the 12-acre Marvel-themed maze in Cambridgeshire that features some of the most famous superheroes opened on July 20 – in time for the summer holidays in the U.K.

Not only can visitors take on the Spiderman quest but there is also a fun yard which includes a pedal go-kart track, jumping pillow, WaterWars, giant slide complex, pig racing and Pesky Pigeon Tractor Ride and more.

The maze is located at Skylark garden centre and coincides with the 60-year celebrations of Marvel character, Spiderman.

Visitors to the park will find images of Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Thor as they make their way through the maze.

The maze is bound to be a hit as it is also being opened at the same time as Marvel’s latest movie, Thor: Love and Thunder which hit British cinemas on July 7.

The images of the three Marvel superheroes have been painstakingly carved into the vegetation which features more than two million plants. Fans can follow more than three kilometers of pathways at the park and help complete Spiderman’s quest to find the eight Avengers and solve the maze challenge.

The creators of the maze took a week to design and cut the pathways for the new maze. Each path was carefully constructed using GP’s technology which enabled them to plot the image to create the maze for visitors.

The Marvel maze will open on Wednesday, July 20 just in time for United Kingdom’s summer holidays. Visitors can take on Spiderman’s quest or opt to do other fun things at Skylark. This includes a pedal go-kart track, jumping pillow, WaterWars, giant slide complex, pig racing and a Pesky Pigeon Tractor Ride.

The park’s event manager Bart Woodbine said, “My family and I are all huge fans of the Marvel films and when we heard it was going to be the 60th anniversary of Spider, we knew instantly what the design was going to be… this is going to be a really great summer and we can’t wait to open the doors on the 20th”.

The Skylark Maze and Funyard will be open daily from 10am to 5pm from July 20 to September 4th.

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