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From the country’s first self-checkout counters to the introduction of smart carts, AllDay Supermarket is again looking to take its customer service and experiences to newer heights with the introduction of Addie.

This time, the supermarket introduces the country’s first fully automated supermarket grocery assistant and product promoter: Addie, the Supermarket Service Robot.

Addie, the Service Robot patrols AllDay Supermarket, checking with shoppers if they have checked out the newest items in the store.

AllDay Supermarket shoppers are encouraged to interact with the service robot through product pushes, audio prompts with an interactive touchscreen interface. Once they click Addie’s screen, customers have the option to check supplementary information about the products that the robot is carrying at any given time.

The robot can even escort shoppers to featured product displays. Addie is eyed as the future of interactive product marketing, pushing awareness for new items, ongoing promos, and other offerings from the AllDay Supermarket.

Moving forward, Addie the Service Robot will be deployed to promote the newest brands and items, especially those recently launched to the market-and additional platform to promote AllDay Supermarket’s partners’ items, as promotion ads can be featured on the screen of the service robot.

AllDay Supermarket is committed to a continuous improvement of its elevated customer experience through innovation, looking for ways to stay ahead and provide added value to their consumers.

The addition of Addie the Service Robot is expected to improve customer service operations, as it will speed up customer routine by making their shopping trips more efficient and enjoyable.

This is in addition to innovative experiences already garnering customer attention-AllDay’s Smart Carts and Self-Checkout Counters.

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