British people, Harry-Meghan tandem

Not just offensive to the Royal family, the ‘no-holds-barred’ Netflix show of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is considered a “slap in the face” to the British people.

Royal expert Nile Gardiner says that the “monarchy represents the British people.” ‘Badmouthing” other members of the family would completely destroy the positive ties that bind the Royal household with British society, Gardiner told the Daily Express.

British People: Total disrespect

“The Queen and Prince Philip will no doubt have been absolutely appalled by this Netflix documentary series, as well as the actions of Meghan and Harry. This would have been tremendously painful for them to see. Meghan and Harry have behaved with complete disregard for the Royal Family, especially in the wake of the death of the Queen,” Gardiner said.

Surprising as it may, Meghan’s own half-sister, Samantha Markle, criticized the royal couple during a January 2020 interview with Inside Edition saying “It is a slap in the face…….. I think what is shocking is the lack of consideration for the people involved, the British royal family, the promises that were originally made to honor royal duties and to lead by example,” she stressed.

 No more royal titles?

Experts say that Meghan and Harry may be facing a scenario where they both will be stripped of their royal titles. Gardiner emphatically stated that “They should not have any royal status,” and that they are “using their titles to advance their own personal needs. The Royal family expert also added that Meghan and Prince Harry are “doing their best to trash the reputation of the British monarchy and their titles should be removed as soon as possible.”

“Knife in the back”

The first three explosive showings of the Netflix series also indicated to be massively painful for Prince William and a slap in the face for the British people. “Prince Harry is fundamentally destroying his one-close relationship with his brother and the rest of the Royal Family.

“He is embarking on an incredibly destructive downward spiral…… This is a knife in the back for Harry’s own family. He is behaving like an enemy of the Royal Family, and it must be heart-breaking for Prince William and King Charles.”

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