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Meghan Markle wishes that Kate Middleton had reached out to her

According to the book Finding , Meghan had been facing problems with the media and she had wished that her sister-in- would help her out




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has faced a lot of difficulties since joining the royal family. Her life  changed from an actress sometimes faced the paparazzi to having the press scrutinise everything she does. When she joined the royal family, people thought that the family members will lend her a hand in her new life. Fans expected that Meghan and her sister in , Kate would be but that was not the case. When started dating Meghan, affected the brothers’ relationship.

In a book called Finding  which was written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, it was said that the strain between William and Harry started when William told his brother that he was moving too fast in his relationship with Meghan. Entertainment Tonight quoted the book as saying that William wanted to ensure that his brother was making the right choice and not ‘blindsided by lust.’

The authors talked about how fast Harry and Meghan went in their relationship. The Suits actress was already visiting Kensington Palace within a few days of meeting and their third date was a trip to Africa. After dating for three months, they professed their love for each other.  “‘Don’t feel you need to rush this,’ William told Harry, according to the book. “Take as much time as you need to get to know this girl.’” Harry did not respond well to this advice and it caused their relationship to be strained.

and ’s relationship with and Meghan Markle was strained. Picture:

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Despite everything, Kate reportedly did not help fix the brothers’ relationship. “Though it was not necessarily her responsibility, Kate did little to bridge the divide. She was fiercely loyal to her husband and his family,” the book reads. When Meghan and Harry tied the knot in 2018, the strain in the brothers’ relationship grew.

“William and Kate’s feelings seemed obvious to the Sussexes that summer and beyond,” the book states. “Among all the and family Harry and Meghan hosted at their house in Oxfordshire between May 2018 and March 2019, the Cambridges failed to visit.”

The headlines in the press went from calling Meghan, Harry, Kate, and William the fab four to saying that Kate and Meghan were pitted against each other.

“Meghan would agree with the assessment that the duchesses were not the best of friends,” the book continues. “Their relationship hadn’t progressed much since she was Harry’s girlfriend. Although Meghan might have understood Kate’s wariness to strike up a meaningful friendship, they were still no closer by the time she was a fellow senior working member of the royal family and the wife of William’s brother.”

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Meghan was facing problems with the media and she had wished that her sister-in-law would help her out.

“Flowers for her birthday were nice, but Meghan would far rather have had Kate check in on her during the most difficult times with the press.”

The duo eventually settled into their positions and got comfortable with the way that their relationship was. According to royal experts, Meghan was not ‘losing sleep over it.’

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