"Meghan one of us": Netizen defends Meghan Markle and Italy Euro2020 team,...

“Meghan one of us”: Netizen defends Meghan Markle and Italy Euro2020 team, calls out English fan who throws shade at Prince Harry and football final

This is for Meghan...

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Italy’s victory over England in the Euro2020 final has left a trail of “It’s not coming home” jokes and memes of the controversial shot of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini pulling on England’s Bukayo Saka. Along with these, netizens have shared their own musings as to why, in the end, football came to Rome.

After the intense Euro2020 final between Italy and England, many netizens have left their two cents on the results of the match, which crowned Italy the champions. The legendary match took place in London’s Wembley Stadium, where supporters of both teams came through to cheer their teams on. Among those physically present were members of the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton. With them was their son, Prince George.

While many kept the subject matter within the bounds of either football players or fans present in the stadium, one netizen had something to say about two people who weren’t present—the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Saying he felt “sorry” for Prince Harry, a Twitter user wrote, “He’d have been there at Wembley giving it large.” He then made reference to Duchess Meghan as well as to the couple’s humanitarian work by saying, “Instead it’ll be a kale salad with the Mrs discussing the importance of  supporting CRT in schools.”

In recent months, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan went public with their reasons for distancing themselves from Buckingham Palace, the British tabloids, and England in general, claiming they went through difficult experiences that involved racism and discrimination which in turn had negative effects on their mental health.

Though some still continue to criticize the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, others, including a netizen who responded to the tweet, remain standing firmly in support of them.

In response to the tweet, an online user stepped in with a picture that captured Italian football fans holding up a flag that read “Meghan one of us.” The netizen then went on to call out the kind of treatment Meghan Markle received in England, saying “She lives rent-free in your hateful heads. And this is why it (football) didn’t come home–it went to Rome instead.”

Already a bitter pill to swallow for England fans, the netizen continued. “You bitter, bitter people,” she wrote, “As the Italian fans are saying, ‘This is for Meghan.'”

Two others followed suit and stepped in to defend Prince Harry.


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