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Trump Tradeoff: Melania gets a bigger monthly allowance in exchange for support in Donald’s campaign?

For months, Melania Trump has kept a low profile, only to suddenly reemerge with a strong interest in her role as First Lady (for the second time).

Numerous sources have suggested that the wife of Donald Trump is capitalizing on the chaotic situation he is in for her financial gain. 

It now appears that the purported motive behind this drastic change is coming to light.

The Triumph of Melania?

According to insiders and various sources who have talked to Radar Online, it has been reported that Melania Trump has allegedly raised the possibility of renegotiating her prenuptial agreement with Donald Trump. 

This purported action comes in light of a recent court ruling that ordered Donald to pay $5 million to E. Jean Carroll for defamation and battery. The sources infer that Melania’s intention behind resuming her role as a “devoted wife” during the campaign is to seek a larger financial allowance.

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While Melania Trump maintained an unusually low-profile during Donald Trump’s legal case trials, recent revelations suggest that she was actively strategizing behind the scenes. 

According to insiders, during the same period as the trials, Melania engaged in discussions about increasing her monthly allowance and securing a larger inheritance for their son, Barron Trump.

Presidential Campaign

In exchange for these financial considerations, she allegedly expressed a willingness to assist Donald in his struggling 2024 Presidential campaign.

Another insider remarked that Melania effectively leveraged the situation to her advantage in the past (referring to the period when she refrained from joining Donald at the White House for nearly six months) and saw no reason why she shouldn’t employ a similar strategy once again.

Briefly put, Melania Trump stands to receive a higher financial settlement, while Donald Trump is assured of her loyalty during his campaign and temporarily avoids a costly divorce settlement.

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