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Michael Moore predicts doomsday virus scenario that may wipe out Trump supporters

In the podcast, Moore pleads with Trump supporters to wear masks and practice distancing




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Accusing President Donald ’s supporters of spreading the across America, filmmaker-activist Michael Moore predicts a doomsday scenario that may wipe them out.

In a video, an agitated Moore attempts to speak directly to Trump supporters, but he ended up delivering a spanking message to them.

In the video of his latest podcast “Rumble”, he blames the nation for spreading the and predicting that “many of you are going to die.”

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In the podcast, Moore pleads with Trump supporters to wear masks and practice distancing.

“I don’t want you to die,” he says.

“If we don’ pull together as Americans, we’re not going to get out of this,” Moore says,

Moore is in a long fight against right-wing America, but he is best known for his frequently address on the topics of globalization and capitalism.

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He says the virus is growing faster in all ‘red states’ than anywhere else.

’s in all the red states, ’s growing faster there than anywhere else,” adding that many of them will die of the virus if they do not follow the basic SOPs.

“Why do you want to die? Why — to take a stand against liberals, to show a thing or two?” he says in the video.

“You’re showing how to die. Why do you want to do that?”

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“In all the places that voted for Trump, people are dropping like flies.”

Moore is an Academy award-winning filmmaker.

Half of America voted for Trump in last November’s elections, giving Trump a whopping 74,122,605 votes, a total that many did not expect, and that is 47% of America voting for the outgoing President.

Moore, supported President-elect Joe Biden in the campaign, is also gloating over the latter’s victory, saying America is saved!

Biden won 51.3% of popular votes or a total of 81 million votes.

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