Migrants, Texas

In a recent interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson expressed growing frustration over migrants flooding into his city, accusing Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott of deliberately causing disarray.

Migrants flooding

Johnson highlighted the lack of coordination in the arrival of buses and a night plane carrying migrants from Texas to Chicago, bringing chaos and emphasizing the potential danger of Abbott’s actions.

Governor Abbott has been actively relocating migrants out of Texas, a move aligned with his call for increased federal intervention to address the escalating numbers of illegal border crossings.

Recent legislation signed by Abbott grants expanded authority to local law enforcement and judges to address the challenges posed by the migrant crisis.

Not just a matter of national security

“This is not just a matter of national security; it’s the kind of chaos that this governor is committed to administering,” Mayor Johnson remarked, urging Congress to address immigration reform.

He criticized Abbott for exacerbating divisions in the country, particularly as migrants are sent to cities lacking the resources to accommodate them.

Not sustainable

Over the past 16 months, more than 26,000 migrants have reportedly been transported to Chicago, a number Mayor Johnson deems “not sustainable,” especially given the harsh winter conditions in the city.

Denver Mayor Brandon Johnston also joined the discussion, condemning Abbott’s approach. According to Mayor Johnston, over 30,000 migrants have been sent to Denver. He emphasized the importance of a coordinated entry plan, allowing immigrants to contribute to the workforce upon arrival.

Needed: Coordinated response

“While we welcome immigrants, it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out plan, not just the governor of Texas deciding where people should go or when they should go,” Mayor Johnston stated, highlighting the need for a comprehensive, coordinated response from all levels of government to address the ongoing migration challenges.

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