MIT professor receives online praise for mobile crib in office for student's...

MIT professor receives online praise for mobile crib in office for student’s baby

Netizens praise MIT professor for setting up a mobile crib in office for a student's baby

PETALING JAYA — A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor has warmed hearts online after setting up a mobile crib in his office for his student’s baby.

Troy Littleton took to Twitter to share a picture of the mobile crib that allowed his graduate student to work on her thesis while having her nine-month-old infant with her at work.

“My favourite new equipment purchase for the lab – a travel crib in my office so my graduate student can bring her little girl to work.

“And I get to play with her while her mum gets some work done.”

Littleton said in another post saying how he admired the workload his student had to do and how she still managed to keep up with her thesis project.

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“I wish people would be able to spot the real hero which is the graduate student mum, not me,” he said.

A search on MIT’s website showed that Litteton is a neuroscience professor at the institution’s biology department.

The post has been liked by over 100 people with many drawing similarities with their own lecturers letting them bring their infants over to university.

Others praised the professor for being thoughtful of his student and her child.

Some Twitter users commented saying that day care centres should be set-up at work places.

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“I want this in every single work environment. Enough with daycare and preschool.

“I want to bring my future children to work with me. Let them learn what I do. Let them interact with older generations and let us all be a community,” wrote Missi.

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