Moon Geun Young says P.O. is her type of guy

Moon Geun Young said, "Seeing him face to face, he's really cute, and he has a pretty smile."

South Korean actress Moon Geun Young said P.O. from K-pop group Block B is close to her ideal type.

The actress said she and her family watch the TV show ‘Surprising Saturday’ every week.

“My family likes the show so much that we watch it together every week. Moon Se Yoon looks a lot like my brother-in-law,” she said.

According to Boom, “Moon Geun Young said in an interview P.O. is her ideal type, but now that she actually sees him, she says he’s not to the point of an ideal type,” making everyone laugh.

Moon Geun Young responded, “Seeing him face to face, he’s really cute, and he has a pretty smile.”

Nicknamed ‘Nation’s Little Sister’, Moon Geun Young started modelling at the age of 10 and she started acting in 1999.

Her role as young Eun-suh in TV series Autumn in My Heart propelled her to fame and she also starred in Kim Jee-woon’s A Tale of Two Sisters.

Other projects such as My Little Bride and Innocent Steps were added to her portfolio. Moon Geun Young is the youngest recipient of the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards for TV series Painter of the Wind where she received it at the age of 21.

P.O, whose full name is Pyo Ji-hoon is a member of Block B and its sub-unit Bastarz.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

At first P.O was not selected as a Block B member because he failed his audition. After training and losing 10kgs a year later, he auditioned again and successfully got accepted.

He joined Block B in April 2011.

Block B was criticised for their disrespectful behaviour during an interview in Thailand where they joked about the flooding disaster.

P.O. fainted and was hospitalised when he found out about a petition calling for members of Block B to apologise by committing suicide.

P.O released a song called ‘Dear My Wife’ to show gratitude to BBC (Block B Club) fanbase.