Friday, December 2, 2022
AsiaMalaysiaA man wearing a sleeveless t-shirt escaped the moral police

A man wearing a sleeveless t-shirt escaped the moral police

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A guy in Malaysia’s Party Islamic-controlled state of Kelantan took to Twitter to rage over an occurrence he describes as “mind-boggling!”

He claims that when he went out to buy food at a local bazaar in Kelantan, when an officer tried to accost him but customers at the bazaar helped him get away from the ‘moral police.’

“Kelantan is too much smpaikn kluar pegi bazar pkai sleeveless pon nk saman ke, aurat ke sial aq pnga lengan!! Bukannya aq pakai shortpants or xttp aurat lol. Xsempat jalan nk beli mknn kat bazar dah kne balik.”

He says, “Kelantan is too much. I managed to go to the bazaar wearing a sleeveless and for this too I got fined.

“I did not expose my body, Bad luck. I am not wearing anything like short pants or that I did not cover my body lol. I could not go buy food in the bazar and i have to go back.”

Men are not permitted to walk out with short pants that do not cover their knees in Kelantan. It is an edict, not a law, in Islam.

In addition, there is no Islamic law prohibiting males from wearing sleeveless t-shirts.

Men can actually go out not wearing a t-shirt or shirt with their bare chest open for the public to see but they must cover their belly button, which is part of the ‘Aurat’ or ‘illegal body parts’ that can be allowed to be seen in public.

He adds that he is posting the tweet to vent his disappointment at the rules and is not being critical or angry at any officials.

However, he is posting the incident on Twitter to inform people that they risk such fines if they wear sleeveless clothing in Kelantan,

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