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Morning brief: Coronavirus update for June 8, 2020

According to MOH, “the number of new cases in the community has increased, from an average of 4 cases per day in the week before, to an average of 8 per day in the past week”




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As of 8 am, June 8, 2020:

count: 6,979,789 cases, 3,130,301 recoveries

There are now 6,979,789 confirmed cases of the worldwide. The United States has the highest number of coronavirus cases, with 1,977,574 infections, followed by (691,962) and Russia (467,673). 

3,130,301 people worldwide have recovered from the coronavirus.

Global coronavirus surpass 400,000

On June 7, the global death toll from breached the 400,000 mark, reaching a total of 401,848 since the began. The has the highest number of deaths in the world, with 112,002 fatalities from Covid-19, followed by the United Kingdom (40,452) and Brazil (36,499).

Singapore: 383 additional cases, 327 more discharged, 1 more death

After CB lifting, number of daily doubles from 4 to 8

The Ministry of Health () said on June 7 that there are 383 new Covid-19 cases in the country. Singapore now has a total of 37,910 confirmed cases, with an additional 327 discharged from hospital. A total of 24,886 individuals have recovered, and 25 have died.

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The country also has 14 new community cases, including five staff and students from different schools who were proactively tested as they have a history of acute respiratory infection.

According to MOH, “the number of new cases in the community has increased, from an average of 4 cases per day in the week before, to an average of 8 per day in the past week.” 

Singapore also saw its 25th death from the coronavirus last on June 6, a 41-year-old Chinese national who died from massive pulmonary thromboembolism two weeks after being released from hospital.

There are 12,943 active cases remaining in the country in hospitals and community facilities.

is new coronavirus hotspot

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After and then Europe, Latin America has become the new hotspot for Covid-19, with over 1.2 million reported infections and more than 60,000 deaths. However, the actual numbers may even be bigger, as testing rates are low in numerous countries.

Brazil, which is next only to America for the total number of infections and deaths, has seen a record number of fatalities for the last three days. A study predicts that Brazil’s infections will top 1 million by June 20, and that the death toll will be over 50,000.

The recording of actual figures in Brazil has gotten harder, however, after the government of President Jair Bolsonaro stopped reporting the country’s totals on June 4, when the total number of deaths exceeded Italy’s.

According to Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes, “The manipulation of statistics is a maneuver made by authoritarian regimes. ’s an attempt to hide the Covid-19 numbers to reduce control of health policies.”

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Of the countries in , only Uruguay, Belize, and Costa Rica have been successful in preventing widespread contagion through early interventions, testing, tracing and isolation.

US: set to begin opening on June 8

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, phase one of the reopening of New York City will begin on June 8. New York has been the hardest-hit state in the US in the pandemic. Fewer than 200 patients have been admitted to hospitals daily recently, which is the part of the threshold to begin relaxing restrictions. The Mayor announced, “That is what you’ve achieved together, that’s another way we’re going to move forward in this city.”

India: reopening borders as more restrictions eased

On Monday, one week after they were closed, the borders of India’s capital are set to open, confirmed Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. Residents will be allowed to travel from Delhi to Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Eateries, shopping centers, and houses of worship will also reopen on June 8, with strict social distancing measures put in place. However, hotels and guest houses are to remain closed for the time being.—/TISG

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