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A federal jury in Maryland found former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, guilty of two counts of perjury.

The charges stemmed from her deceptive claims of pandemic-induced financial hardship to illegitimately acquire federal funds, which she used for down payments on two Florida vacation homes, as detailed by the Justice Department.

Marilyn Mosby: Prosecutor now prosecuted

Marilyn Mosby, who once held the position of Baltimore’s top prosecutor from 2015 until earlier this year, did not testify during the trial. The case unfolded with jurors commencing their deliberations after Monday’s opening statements were made.

The crux of the allegations outlined that Mosby obtained funds by asserting COVID-19-related financial distress, citing provisions of the CARES Act. However, the indictment highlighted a stark contrast between her claims and her actual financial situation.

This revelation regarding Mosby’s purported financial hardships under the pandemic contrasts sharply with her consistent income, averaging $247,955.58 annually, received through bi-weekly gross pay direct deposits.

Mosby’s fall from grace comes after her high-profile involvement in prosecuting the officers connected to the controversial Freddy Gray case, where the legal outcomes were either acquittals or mistrials. Now, her legacy faces a tarnished mark with the jury’s unanimous verdict on the perjury charges.

Misuse of public trust

The case’s resolution sheds light on the misuse of federal aid during a time of crisis and raises concerns about the misuse of public trust, particularly as it involves a prominent figure in the criminal justice system. Mosby’s actions, in contrast to her public image as an advocate for justice, highlight the complexities within the legal framework.

The guilty verdict stands as a significant fall for a prosecutor who once stood at the forefront of high-stakes legal battles, now found culpable in a case that speaks volumes about misuse of funds and the consequences of false claims.

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