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“Most well-known and requested top-law tutor” in America draws flak for racist, stereotypical bashing of ‘




“Most well-known and requested top- tutor” in America has drawn flak for likening the ” to “the Asians who flooded into Orange County and then took over our mall at Coast Plaza.”

Californian law tutor Christina Ignatius said that when her friend told her of the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel of the same name, she was reminded of the “snoshy” (portmanteau of “posh” and “snobby”) Asian residents of Orange County who would purchase expensive items from high-end retailers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

“They have a zoned-in personality where they act as if no one else exists and they just run straight in front of you to grab the next purse,” she added in a now-deleted post.

Ignatius further claimed that that residents would drive in a Mercedes in the carpool lane of Coast Plaza and cut across five lanes to reach the mall, prompting her to use the stereotype “ like an Asian.”

“Yes my sucker Caucasian male lawyer who married Asian were completely poached for dollars and earning potential,” the lawyer added in her post which was screengrabbed by Facebook user Calma Yom.

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Posted by Calma Yom on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

She concluded her rant by saying she couldn’t even Asians during her vacations:

“If you thought you could get away from them for a hot second and go on to Yosemite, think again. They came in huge buses and stood in front of each waterfall to give the peace sign in their selfies.”

Ignatius deleted her post after the backlash she received for her racist views but she refused to apologize. The law tutor defended herself in a follow-up post which was deleted as well. In the follow-up post, she said: “I posted something about Crazy Rich Asians. Apparently it was so provocative that it was considered . I had no idea that talking about stereotypes would be so provocative… By the way, I do not hate Asians. I really love them and I find differences to be funny and interesting.”



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