Wednesday, June 29, 2022
EntertainmentMs Marvel makes her debut on Disney Plus on June 8

Ms Marvel makes her debut on Disney Plus on June 8

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Kamala Khan is all set to flex her superpowers in Miss Marvel which makes its debut on June 8.

The Disney Plus series story revolves around Kamala Khan, a Muslim American high school student from Jersey City. She is an aspiring artist, a YouTuber, and a huge fan of the Avengers in particular Captain Marvel. Her role is played by Iman Vellani.

The story opens with Kamala being portrayed as your average teenager who lives with her parents Yusuf and Muneeba and older brother Amir.

However along the way Kamala discovers she has superpowers and this is where the story digresses from the original comic books series. In the comic series, Kamala’s latent inhuman abilities are awakened by exposure to Terrigen Mist, which transforms her into a polymorph. This gives her the ability to shape shift and shrink, stretch, enlarge and twist her body into almost any shape or form.

However in the Disney series Kamala’s powers are generated from a mysterious bangle she finds stored in the attic. This bangle gives her the ability to create and manipulate a purple “hard-light”.

With this new tool, she is seen enlarging her fist to punch bad guys and stretching her limbs to take giant leaps. This introduction to Khan’s character will serve Marvel fans well when she appears on the big screen in 2023 alongside her hero Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson.

However some fans have questioned the decision to change Kamala’s powers to manifesting light though noting that it could also be in an effort to differentiate the heroine ahead of Marvel Studios upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

According to Miss Marvel writer and producer Sana Amanat when asked whether Mr Fantastic’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 as well as Marvel Studios upcoming Fantastic Four film contributed to the decision to remove Kamala Khan’s elongation powers in the MCU, she replied as follows;

”Honestly I don’t know. I don’t think so. I mean, from my understanding, it was kind of linked to the type of story that we wanted to tell with Kamala and not only linkage to other MCU events, but also to the sense of history that she has and the relationship to her family, linking the powers to her family’s past. I think that was really the bigger idea.”

Similar to the comic book series, Kamala’s relationship with her family, as well as with her own culture and family history is still at the heart of the series.

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