Conservative uproar ensued as liberal MSNBC anchors faced criticism for their recent comments. The anchors “mocked” West Virginians feared illegal immigration, prompting conservative backlash. Furthermore, defending their remarks, they pointed out the state’s distance from the border, igniting a debate on immigration’s broader impact.

The New York Post states, MSNBC anchors Jen Psaki, Joy Reid, and Rachel Maddow sparked controversy by ridiculing GOP primary voters in Virginia during live coverage of Super Tuesday. The trio mocked concerns over immigration, with Psaki joking that it was the top issue in Virginia. 

Following that, Maddow sarcastically added fuel, suggesting the state shared a “contested” border with West Virginia. Reid broadened the critique, accusing Republicans of voting based on racism rather than economic interests, claiming they prioritize fears of a “brown people invasion.” 

Despite their comments, recent Gallup polls show a significant uptick in immigration concerns among Americans across party lines.

MSNBC anchors slammed by conservatives 

Conservatives on X claim that for every state in America that is under the Biden administration, they are at risk of an “illegal invasion.” Claims that Biden is actively bringing illegals in for more votes during the 2024 Presidential elections are being made. However, this is merely an alleged claim.  


In addition to this, users are vehemently angry at the MSNBC anchors for making such remarks. They state that there are several American victims from the hands of illegals. The most recent one being Laken Riley. X users claim that she would likely still be alive today if the borders were more secure. 

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