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Muhyiddin loses big in a massive win for the people




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Malaysian PM Yassin lost in his risky and unprecedented gambit to prolong his political lifeline.

In this big defeat for the leader of the Bersatu party, lies a massive victory for the Malaysian people.

The country saw several unprecedented events in the run-up to the famous Sunday afternoon meeting of the royal rulers.

First, there were the proposals to save Muhyiddin from political annihilation with an unexpected nation-wide political .

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This was followed by a large public outcry on that spilt to the train stations and lamp posts in Kuala Lumpur.

If there were a plebiscite on whether the country should implement an rule or not, would have been a massive NO.

But with such powers in their hands, the ruling politicians would have dismissed the public outcry and implement emergency laws if they could.


However, networks in Malaysia are filled with glowing messages for the royal ruler.

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The crowd is happy the King did not give in to the ‘greed and the nonsense’ of the ruling coalition.

Malaysians have never been that happy with the royals the way they were yesterday. But they are not done yet!

After the royal rebuke, Muhyiddin and his team retreated to his house to ‘re-strategise’ their next move.

The unexpected defeat at the hands of the royals, and of the people protested vehemently on and Facebook, should douse them.

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They should now think of reality and get out of their cocoons.

Now, what is reality? There is a deepening political instability that the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have failed to dissipate.

The rebuke on the emergency proposals will haunt them for a long time, for as long as they do not do the right thing.

The right thing is to allow the Parliament to vote on another emergency: a vote tabled by a member of the ruling coalition.

If the tabling of the motion is not a Parliamentary rebuke, then what should it be called?

When the motion was tabled by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it was seen as an attempt by the elderly fox to snatch from Muhyiddin.


But with the Umno MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah tabling such a motion, it is clear the Prime Minister does not have a majority.

Unless he allows the Parliament to debate it and put it to vote before the Budget, he is risking big!

Now that the Parliament cannot be prorogued and there will be a seating in November, the political instability is looming on Muhyiddin’s head.

The House Speaker has no more cause to run amok against the other dozen MPs who filed a motion.

Constitutionally, many observers are saying, the Speaker is in the obligation to let the House debate the motion.

If that is not allowed, the risk failing the entire nation if the budget is shot down by rebellious ruling MPs.

This is what many are now hoping among the population. Part of the country is living in the hope MPs from the ruling coalition will rebuke the government.

Paralysing the entire country with the failure to pass the budget is not what the government wants.

It’s re-strategising will be about a compromise with opposition MPs. This is not dissimilar to the attempt by Anwar Ibrahim to take power. He has a deal with several ruling MPs to support him in his bid.


This deal is being scuttled by some opposition MPs who think they can salvage Muhyiddin’s reign.

But if Anwar insists on making his move in Parliament, and the House rejects Muhyiddin’s budget, will he be anointed the PM?

That’s the big question everybody is asking without a definite answer on any one’s lips.

By right, after such a massive rebuke, a Prime Minister should consider resignation for the sake of political stability.

The failure to dissipate the instability will not make life any easier for the Perikatan Nasional. It will make the country even more unstable. At what cost?

Is this episode of emergency rule and forced delays in putting the no-confidence motion to vote attempts to stop Anwar from becoming PM?

The point is, if Anwar has a majority in Parliament, which is now less of a question with the attempts to impose emergency rule, it is only a matter of time before the regime collapses!

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