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Muhyiddin survives as the pendulum swings in his favour

Minister is living on borrowed time with dwindling say observers




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survives an onslaught against him from within his shaky coalition in power as the pendulum swings in his favour.

The from the Islamists PAS seems to be crucial in the current wave of discontent. The PAS is pushing the anti-DAP agenda with MPs and seems to be working, for now.

However, is not that smooth for the embattled Minister yet. The is pressing all political parties to cancel their meetings.

No more face-to-face discussions until further notice while the authorities issue orders for more than 1 million workers/managers to work from home.

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The mood is gloomy under ’s reign with the third wave of the ravaging through the country.

With this backdrop, expect another surge in political strife as soon as things show signs of settling down on the front, say observers.

Reports from various portals say there is a deadlock between some leaders of the and some from the Bersatu, Muhyiddin’s party.

There are other reports saying both the Bersatu and the Umno are divided on several issues. Some in Bersatu would want to give in to Umno’s demands but the order from above is to stay tight and not to give credence to ideas of a new deputy PM in Cabinet.

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Overall, the Bersatu has rejected all the demands made by Umno. This has infuriated the largest Malay party but with the lockdown reinforced, and ‘carrots’ offered to disgruntled MPs there is an uneasy calm, say, observers.

“The question is for how long can Muhyiddin hold the fort while the Umno is still dissatisfied with disgruntled MPs surely plotting their next move,” says an observer to WFTV.LIVE.

Umno claims it is being treated unfairly in Perikatan Nasional, the coalition formed by Muhyiddin and MPs loyal to him.

Most of the members of the are from the Bersatu and the grouping is controlled by Muyiddin and the powerful de-facto deputy PM, Azmin Ali.

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