COVID 19 Mumbai: School teacher helps 600 Covid-19 patients get plasma

Mumbai: School teacher helps 600 Covid-19 patients get plasma

Teacher's initiative aids 600 Covid-19 patients with securing plasma

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Palghar — A 47-year-old sports teacher has been trying his best to save the lives of many Covid-19 patients by arranging for plasma and blood.

Kiran Thorat, who teaches sports at the Dandekar College for the past decade, has conducted over 15 blood donation camps since March 2020.

He arranged blood and plasma with the help of WhatsApp and Facebook group which has 25,000 members from all over the state.

“So far, around 300 patients have received blood through our social media group and over 600 citizens have received plasma donations,” said Thorat.

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“The majority of the patients are from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and elsewhere in the state. We have helped them by providing blood and plasma and thus managed to lives,” said Thorat.

Thorat has so far donated blood 89 times.

He said his father Gajanan Thorat is the motivation behind the campaign. “My father was a government ambulance driver, and I would witness him ferrying patients to hospitals. He passed away in 2019.”

He stays with his mother Mangala, who receives a government monthly pension, wife and two children at Siddharth Nagar, Wada.

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