LawHallucination or murder: Woman stabs boyfriend 19x and claims it was a...

Hallucination or murder: Woman stabs boyfriend 19x and claims it was a dream

Morgan Lund, 21, from Wisconsin stabbed her sleeping ex-boyfriend 19 times and claimed she was dreaming when she did it.

With a history of abuse, Lund pleaded not guilty on Monday to the Feb. 18 stabbing employing the defense of insanity.

According to the complaint, police arrived at the couple’s Oshkosh home and found a tearful Lund covered in blood and applying pressure to the victim’s wounds.

Lund related to the cops that she “thought she saw something” when she attacked her ex — whom she shares a child with and recently broke up with — and was worried there was “something wrong with my head.”

Murder of Boyfriend

The young mother claimed she woke up around 6:30 a.m. and took the baby into the living room — where her ex was sleeping on the couch — so the child could play in the playpen before she returned to bed.

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“She had a muddled memory of something that might have been a dream, or her imagination, but she thought the victim was yelling at their daughter,” court documents state.

Lund told cops she then saw a dark, non-human “figure” — a phenomenon she’s been hallucinating for six months — then began attacking her ex, according to the complaint.

She purportedly seized a pair of scissors and acted as if she was “trying to kill” the “figure,” but was, in reality, she was already stabbing her ex-boyfriend.

The victim told cops he woke up to Lund attacking him and was able to fight her off.

Lund then “stated that she did not know what was happening, she had a dream,” according to the complaint. He asked her if she could go get him a towel and she then “said something about, ‘I don’t want to lose custody.’”

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Based on documents filed, the victim believed he was going to die from the 19 stab wounds across his back, shoulders, chest, face, and hands.

The stabbing incident was not the first time that Lund exhibited violence against him throughout their three-year relationship, he claimed.

Abusive Relationship

The victim likewise stated that throughout their relationship, Morgan was very abusive, hitting him on several occasions. They constantly “fight and argue,” he added.

He also confided that they argue on a daily basis, but that he usually shuts the argument down because he does not want to be involved with her any longer. She has threatened him in the past but has never threatened to kill him, the victim stressed.

A psychiatric evaluation was ordered for Lund, who is being held on a $250,000 bond on a charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. The next court hearing in the case is set for April 13.

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