The cost of calling out your boss can be very high as one engineer recently learned. In this case, the employee was Eric Frohnhoefer who had publicly argued with Elon Musk on the Twitter platform.

According to The Verge, the whole argument started on November 13 when Musk tweeted an apology for Twitter being slow in many countries and implied that the poor performance is because the app does over 1,000 “poorly batched” remote procedure calls to load the home timeline – basically saying the app has to reach out to other servers a bunch of times and wait for a response for each request.

Frohnhoefer then tweeted that he has spent six years working on Twitter for Android and said that Musk’s statement was incorrect. He even explained why.

The engineer said that Twitter actually makes no remote procedure calls. Instead, he says when the app starts up it makes 20 background requests.

Musk then responded by saying, “The fact that you don’t realise that there are up to 1,200 microservices being called when someone uses the Twitter app is not great.”

Frohnhoefer disagreed again tweeting that the “number required to generate the home timeline is closer to 200 than 1200.”

The main issue in the entire altercation which is spread across many confusing and messy threads is that Musk felts that Frohnhoefer should have brought up his concerns on Slack rather than publicly calling Musk out.

The developer tweeted that Musk should’ve asked questions about the slowness issues privately to which Musk responded, “He’s fired”.

Frohnhoefer then told Forbes that it took Twitter five hours to lock him out of his company computer, but that he hadn’t heard any formal information about being fired. He also tweeted that it was “definitely stupid” to confront Musk the way he did but he is unconcerned about being fired as he has already been encouraged to apply for jobs at other companies.

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