Business & EconomyMusk: Should I quit, Twitter says yes

Musk: Should I quit, Twitter says yes

Since Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, things have been chaotic and today he launched a poll on the social media platform asking users to decide if he should quit in his role at Twitter.

There is a yes in favour of him leaving the post with almost 58% of respondents saying he should quit the job at the time of writing.

5.5 million people have voted so far and there is still half a day left for the poll to end.

Musk has also promised in the poll that he will abide by the results of the poll and quit.

Quit no Quit?

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“Should I step down as the head of Twitter?” he wrote in the poll’s question Sunday, adding that he would “abide by the results.”

But in a later tweet, Musk emphasized that “No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor.” If we were to know how Musk operate, we would say he will not quit in his role at Twitter.

This came after Twitter announced a new rule prohibiting users from sharing links to their accounts on rival platforms, including Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Instagram, as well as emerging Twitter rival Mastodon, Donald Trump’s Truth Social, plus Tribel, Notr, and Post.

Apple users
Elon Musk punishes Apple users with higher fee for Twitter subscription

“We know that many of our users may be active on other social media platforms, however, going forward, Twitter will no longer allow free promotion of specific social media platforms on Twitter,” Twitter said in a post.

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Twitter has been “messy” since Elon Musk boughtf Twitter on Oct. 27. About half the Twitter staff was laid off after only a few days after Musk held the reins.

The social network also suspended several journalists — including from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN — saying they desecrated its rules. Similarly, Twitter suspended over two dozen accounts that use publicly available flight information in tracking down the location of private jets, including the plane used by Twitter boss Elon Musk.

Mr Musk has led Twitter for a little over seven weeks, taking the helm after buying the social media platform in a deal valued at $44 billion in October.

Don’t quit but apologize

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After the new policies put in place, Musk apologized and wrote: “Going forward, there will be a vote for major policy changes. My apologies. Won’t happen again.”

Here are some responses to the poll:

“Absolutely not!” says Amy Curtis.

But the Socialist Party says “You already know what the vote will be.”

Another one responded with, “At least he’s giving people an option, unlike the socialists.”

Rabbit Hole said, “No. You’ve had hiccups but have overall been a net positive for the site.”

A certain ‘Jonathan’ was more straight to the point saying, “Please step down, you ruined our democracy.”


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