“Great statement by @votetimscott!” Elon Musk expressed his enthusiasm on Friday as he shares a campaign ad by Scott that criticizes America’s preoccupation with being victims or obsession with victimhood.

Yet, the unpredictable Tesla CEO will be with Gov. Ron DeSantis when the latter officially announces his 2024 presidential bid on Twitter.

NBC News reported that while Musk and DeSantis will host the virtual event, the conversation will be moderated by Musk’s friend David Sacks, who supports DeSantis.

Opportunity or Liability?

The alliance has the potential to greatly benefit DeSantis by providing him with an opportunity to connect with and gain credibility among Musk’s extensive following, which includes 140 million Twitter users. However, it could also become a liability if DeSantis becomes sidetracked by the tycoon’s numerous contentious remarks.

The upcoming launch will establish a strong connection between the technology magnate and one of the emerging stars of the Republican Party.

Musk has expressed his admiration for DeSantis, who frequently criticizes the mainstream media. In the past, Musk stated his intention to endorse the governor if he decides to run for president.

On Musk Praising Scott

The responses from Elon Musk regarding Tim Scott’s presidential campaign announcement can influence the landscape of the forthcoming 2024 race.

Considering Musk’s extensive following and considerable influence, his endorsement or criticism has the power to shape public sentiment and potentially impact voter inclinations, particularly among individuals who prioritize innovation and technological advancement.

Moreover, Musk’s involvement in the realm of politics stimulates conversations regarding the influence of business leaders in shaping national policies and the growing intersection of entrepreneurship and politics.

With technology playing an increasingly pivotal role in sectors such as transportation, energy, and healthcare, the viewpoints of visionary business figures like Musk hold considerable significance.

Will it be Scott or DeSantis for Musk?

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