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Mysterious disappearances on Korean TV? Search party on the way!

Stills unveiled of first script-reading of drama which will premiere in the second half of this year




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Seoul — , a drama on the Korean OCN television, has unveiled stills of its first script reading.

The drama is about a specialised search party created to unveil the truth behind mysterious disappearance and murder cases. Search is the fourth work by OCN in its dramatic cinema project, following Trap, Strangers From Hell and Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation.

The actors and production team came together for the first script reading in April. Im Dae Woong, the director, and scriptwriters Goo Mo and Go Myung Joo attended the script reading as well as actors , of the f(x) girl group, , , and more.

Excitement and anticipation were in the air on the set as actors got involved with their roles.

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This is ’s first return to OCN in two years after her role in The Player. She  as Lieutenant Son Ye Rim, who has good stamina and is intelligent.

The drama is ’s first OCN thriller. He will be starring as Yong Dong Jin, a military dog handler and sergeant who is counting down the days to his discharge from the army. The actor handled the military dog well.

as Kim Da Jung, a reservist who was formerly the head of the special forces team in charge of counter-terrorism and who now works as a tour guide at the DMZ Memorial Hall.

is Song Min Kyu, an elite officer who becomes the leader of the search party. is Lee Joon Sung, a deputy team leader who possesses the mindset of a true soldier.

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Jang Dong Yoon plays Yong Dong Jin, a military dog handler and sergeant. Picture:

Yong Dong Jin is responsible for the hunting dog Leo. Special officer Son Ye Rim, Kim Da Jung, Song Min Kyu and Lee Joon Sung will all meet at the DMZ for different reasons to join the search party that will uncover the truth behind a mysterious case.

Fans are wondering what secrets are kept at the DMZ and how the team members will build their camaraderie through the special case.

Search is directed by Im Dae Woong, who directed House Of The Disappeared and Horror Stories.  is written by Goo Mo and Go Myung Joo, who has past experience in several films. The drama will premiere in the second half of 2020. /TISG

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