Asia Malaysia Najib beefs up 'bossku' image in New York amid 1MDB trial backlash

Najib beefs up ‘bossku’ image in New York amid 1MDB trial backlash

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Malaysia 1MDB scandal is a global affair. The ongoing court case in New York, where delectable information, formerly thought to be from a dream world, are being exposed one by one, is confirmation of this.

Since Tim Leissner’s scathing testimony, the former Goldman Sachs banker accused of being one of the masterminds of the 1MDB global scam, Najib has been spewing nonsense about 1MDB.

On the defence following the US trial testimony and attacked by star witness Leissner, Najib has roped in a foreign public relations firm to polish his image in the US.

The ex-PM reportedly hired New York-based firm Karv Communications to manage his portrayal in the trial and provide media relations support.

Politico, a Washington, DC-based news outlet, reported a Karv representative as claiming the company will, ““help ensure Najib’s actions and views are understood by US journalists and presented accurately in any US media coverage — including during the trial of Roger Ng currently underway in the Eastern District of New York”.

The heat must be on, says some, for Najib to be wary of what is happening in the New York trial.

According to Leissner, Najib met Goldman Sachs’ ex-global chairman Lloyd Blankfein at Jho Low’s flat and urged him to offer his children work.

Replying back against this piece of information, Najib claims that the bank (Goldman Sachs) attempted to bribe him, bringing to light another accusation that ex-central banker Zeti Akhtar Aziz approved the transfer of US$1 billion in 1MDB money.

Najib is accused of taking RM2.6 billion in bribes that landed in his very private account at the AmBank in Kuala Lumpur.

But Najib, or ‘apa malu bossku’ (Don’t be shy boss) denies all the allegations and swears in the name of God that he is innocent, though he is now a convicted criminal for his involvement in the SRC-International case. He is condemned for 12 years jail for corruption and money laundering.

According to the Politico article, Karv would work as a subcontractor for Najib’s attorney, Tania Scivetti, for the first two months, earning US$140,000 (RM586,000) along the way.

The article also referenced fugitive tycoon Jho Low’s participation in attempting to soften the Trump administration’s attitude on the 1MDB issue.

It claimed that Low had collaborated with Republican Party donor Elliot Broidy, a close friend of former US President Donald Trump, including purported efforts by Broidy to arrange a game of golf between Trump and Najib.

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