Business & EconomyThe last batch of National Geographic writers say “adieu”

The last batch of National Geographic writers say “adieu”

The final surviving staff writers for National Geographic, that recognizable yellow-framed magazine that has been documenting the natural world for over a hundred years, were let go this week, according to several outgoing employees.

The number of employees released is still unknown during the most recent wave of layoffs at the magazine, but the decision coincides with parent firm Walt Disney Co.’s decision this year to fire thousands of employees across all of its divisions.

National Geographic to continue to exist

National Geographic had more than 1.7 million subscribers at the end of 2022 will continue to release monthly issues, according to a statement sent to CNN on Wednesday by a representative for National Geographic.

“Staffing changes will not change our ability to do this work, but rather give us more flexibility to tell different stories and meet our audiences where they are across our many platforms,” the representative said.

“Any insinuation that the recent changes will negatively impact the magazine, or the quality of our storytelling, is simply incorrect.”

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Information about the dismissals was reported on Twitter Tuesday upon the departure of magazine staff writers who began to spread the news.

Michael Greshko, a former science writer at the magazine, tweeted, “Today is my last day at National Geographic…. The magazine is parting ways with its staff writers, including me.”

However, a spokesman for the publication told CNN on Tuesday that there was “nothing to report.”

Staff writers

The spokesman responded, “It’s possible that what you’re seeing is from employees who were previously affected and have now reached their final week at the company.”

However, more magazine staff writers announced their departure on Twitter on Wednesday.

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“My new National Geographic just arrived, which includes my latest feature — my 16th, and my last as a senior writer,” tweeted Craig Welch. “NatGeo is laying off all of its staff writers.”

“It’s been an epic run, @NatGeo,” tweeted former writer Nina Strochlic. “My colleagues and I were unbelievably lucky to be the last-ever class of staff writers.”

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