Netizens are still reacting to blogger Xiaxue’s “cringe” comments on Greta Thunberg’s UN speech

The bloggers strong opinions did not sit well with many, but she fought back, standing her ground.

On Monday, Singaporean blogger Xiaxue made waves on Instagram when she posted her strong opinions in reaction to Greta Thunberg’s impassioned speech to the United Nations (UN) on climate change, calling her actions “so damn cringe”.

Social media largely criticised the influencer for her diatribe, and she fought back with more well-aimed comments, saying Thunberg was “cringe af” and flaunted her love for the spotlight, saying “I thrive off any form of attention and I love it.”

Her full post on her Instagram account, on September 23:

“Omg this is so damn cringe. Can we please just stoppit with these kids who are so freaking passionate about issues that they view so one dimensionally… And who cares what children think seriously when I was a kid I was an idiot and all these kids are starry-eyed hopeful idiots who say simplistic things like “why can’t we just not have wars”. Don’t blame them used to be the same way. But the world is not so simple. Seriously I feel second hand embarrassment for her wtf she’s like…crying. For what ah? Is climate change gonna stop coz of her crying? Let me know if it happens ok,” Xiaxue wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of Thunberg speaking at the UN.

Photo: Contents of Xiaxue’s Instagram post/Instagram

Many netizens agree that Xiaxue’s actions are indeed attention- and publicity-seeking and, like the blogger, they aren’t holding back with their words.

The issue is flying around on social media, and people are still reacting to it, with most slamming the blogger for her views and language. However, a surprising number of netizens share Xiaxue’s sentiments, saying they agree with the influencer.

Here is 16-year-old Thunberg’s speech at the UN Climate Action Summit, posted by Time on Instagram:

Xiaxue’s comments dismissed Thunberg, and other hopeful kids around the globe advocating climate change, calling them “starry-eyed hopeful idiots who say simplistic things like ‘why can’t we just not have wars’.”

The blogger inspired disgust and shock in many netizens:

Xiaxue also spoke of feeling “second hand embarrassment” for the impassioned Thunberg, but netizens taunted her back, saying they felt the same, but for her.

Who’s “cringe-y” now?

It’s all about exposure, because as we know, even bad publicity is good publicity:

Xiaxue took to Instagram to publicly respond to the first round of comments online, posting this on her account:

Photo: Xiaxue’s post/Instagram

The pink-haired social media influencer raised even more eyebrows and sent tongues wagging with her cutting words, boasting that she “thrives off any form of attention” and “loves it”.

Xiaxue also announced that the best way to help Mother Earth was to “get rid of yourself” instead of crying about it. Intense reactions followed.

Some turned to sarcasm, calling Xiaxue “plastic”:

The harsh truth from one user:

Social media personalities should use their influence for good, people argued: 

The thread also gave rise to unpopular opinions of those who agreed with Xiaxue’s sentiments:

Lastly, a voice of wisdom amidst the chaos: