Netizens defend Sharifah Rose who removed her headscarf briefly in Phuket

Netizens bashed the influencer online when she was spotted without the religious headscarf

Sharifah Rose, an influencer and model came under fire recently for removing her headscarf briefly while on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. She was photographed without her headscarf and the photo was uploaded on Instagram.

Netizens bashed the influencer online when she was spotted without the religious headscarf while on the beach with her friends and the man she is currently dating.

She is reportedly seeing the stepson of local singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, Aaazief Khalid. The influencer was called a hypocrite by netizens.

Sharifah Rose removed her tudung in Phuket. Picture: Twitter

Sharifah apologised in a tweet about the issue, hoping that netizens will forgive her for her oversight.

She said that her cap got wet while at the beach and she removed it to let it dry but her friend took a photo of her and uploaded it to Instagram Stories.
The influencer asked for netizens to remove the image of her free-hair and that she has “learned her lesson”.
Sharifah Rose apologises for the blunder. Picture: Twitter
Despite the uproar, Malaysians have defended Sharifah on Twitter and they asked that people would stop embarrassing her.

@ciliapipedas wrote that people are so dumb to the point that Sharifah has to apologise for not wearing the tudung and it was so crazy to humiliate her publicly.

User @kharamohas said that this incident was like Emma Maembong’s episode.

Emma Maembong is a Malay-British actress who was targeted by a netizen after she decided not to wear the headscarf.

Female celebrities like Emma Maembong, Puteri Aishah, Zizi Kirana and Fathia Latiff are among those who have been condemned for the way they dress.

Wearing a tudung is part of a religious requirement for Muslim women to cover their modesty. Even though it is enforced, some Muslim women choose to go without the headscarf. /TISG