EntertainmentCelebrityA new book reveals a "secret deal" on Camilla becoming Queen Consort.

A new book reveals a “secret deal” on Camilla becoming Queen Consort.

A new book about King Charles III jolted the world as it reveals a ‘hush-hush deal between Queen Elizabeth II and her son Charles, to make his wife, Camilla, the queencamilla:-from-diana’s-‘rottweiler’-to-charles’-queen-consort consort.

The quiet arrangement involved Prince Andrew, allegedly Queen Elizabeth’s favourite son.

Entitled The King: The Life of Charles III, Christopher Andersen divulges in his new book that Camilla obtained her title after her husband proposed to Elizabeth to make a statement of support for Camilla becoming queen consort in exchange for resolving Prince Andrew’s sex abuse litigation.

In the book, Andersen allegedly cited two long-time and highly-trusted sources disclosing the said arrangement as any money spent by Elizabeth to help settle Andrew’s lawsuit would come from Charles’ inheritance.

“And so, in a kind of an unspoken implicit deal, this was the tradeoff…… And that announcement was made … it was very abrupt, you may recall, it was something [that took] everybody by surprise, … she was so against Camilla ever becoming queen for decades and decades, that it, it was a complete about-face, [and] that I think [it] shocked a lot of people,” Andersen told the USMagazine.

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Andersen pointed out that, “As distasteful as it was to have a slice of his inheritance go for this purpose, Charles recognized a rare opportunity for some sort of informal quid pro quo. While the question of where the money would come from was still very much on the table, the Prince of Wales suggested privately that February 6, 2020, the 70th anniversary of her father George VI’s death, might be the ideal time to make some sort of statement in support of Camilla becoming queen,” the author added.

Camilla, the most hated woman in Britain?

In the 1990s, after the breakup of Charles’s marriage to Diana, Camilla was denoted as the “third person” in the unsuccessful marriage. Adding to that assertion was the British press calling her “the most hated woman in Britain.”

However, in Penny Junor’s book The Duchess, Ms. Junor depicts Camilla as playing a vital role in re-establishing Charles’s reputation and as his faithful ally.

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