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New York spa customer sues upscale parlor for trying to give him “happy ending”




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A City spa is getting sued after a New Jersey man alleged that he was inappropriately touched by one of its masseurs. Ronnie Arnau (34) said he booked into a wellness session at a spa in Manhattan with his husband in early September. He expected to get only a massage and a facial but got more than he bargained for.

He recalled that as he lay prone on the massage table, his masseur Pei Tien started giving him what he felt was a normal massage, but about ten minutes into the massage things started to go . He claimed that after ten minutes his masseur focused exclusively on his buttocks.

According to the court documents, took an unusually long time and Arnau felt very uncomfortable about . And apparently did not stay there – the masseur moved his finger beneath Arnau’s buttocks and began to caress .

In his , Arnau said that he never consented to anyone touching his penis and that he was shaken when his masseur dismissed his , threw off the towel and told him to turn over.

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This was when Arnau quickly got up from the massage table, told the masseuse to leave the room and immediately called the . The masseuse has been charged with forcible touching and sexual .

A source claimed in the New York Post that there was no mention of the at the New York Police Department. A receptionist at the upscale parlor said she knew nothing about the allegations against her colleague. “This is not the kind of spa”, she said.

Arnau’s suit says that the owner of the spa is fully aware of the lewd and illicit activity that occurs within the spa but does nothing about it.

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