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Newborn baby girl dies while twin sister survives when both babies are violently flung out of moving car




Only one twin survived when two newborn girls were violently flung out of a moving car in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, in the Negros Oriental region in the Phillipines. is believed that the ’s mother committed the brutal act.

Members of the public were alerted to the incident when they heard the surviving sister’s cries. Those rushed to the scene found one naked baby crying and moving her arms and legs in the air while a smaller and weaker twin lay nearby, unconscious and already turning grey.

Both were conveyed to a nearby . The unconscious was pronounced dead at the hospital while the surviving twin is under observation.

One of the members of the public rushed to aid the babies, Lea Gutib, told the press: “The little girls were so beautiful, so small and so fragile. I could not believe when we found them.

“One girl was not breathing but the other was stronger, she had a good colour and was moving around. She looked like she was crying out to people for .

“I cannot understand how a mother can do this to her . This will haunt her every day for the rest of her .”

Another individual who helped, Jean Miral, described that she was torn between “, sadness and joy,” as she told reporters: ’s so beautiful to see the little girl alive and think about how she was saved. But she will always be without her twin sister. ’s so sad, and makes me so angry when I think about a grown-up person who has done this to their children.

“I am praying that the baby girl who survived will be cared for by a special family who love her. We do not know who the mother is but the babies had not been there for a long time. Somebody left them and disappeared quickly.”

The local authorities are reportedly still searching for the girls’ mother. Investigations are ongoing.



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