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Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen team up to work on Raging Fire

The duo reunite once again after 14 years.




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Hong Kong actor has recently helmed cooking now hopes to whip another feast for the eyes on movie screens.

Tse is reuniting with after 14 years to shoot a thriller called Raging Fire.

is a comeback to action movies after starring in films such as New Police Story (2004) and Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) which Yen was also part of.

On,cc portal reported that the 38-year-old Tse has already served up an appetiser saying that “we’re shooting in Tsim Sha Tsui’s (busy) Peking Road and Canton Road, which are notoriously hard to get a (shooting) permit for”.

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In another interview Tse shared why he has been absent from the big screen.

“I’ve always wanted to take part in a really awesome Hong Kong action movie. I’ve been holding back this itch, but I’m ready to fight now,” he said.

He has trained hard for the role, knowing that 55-year-old Yen is a stickler for the perfect shot.
The movie Raging Fire is directed by Benny Chan and will be released next year.



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