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Nicky Hilton expressed her dismay at the criticism people have directed towards her sister Paris Hilton’s son’s appearance. She finds it “demented” and believes that those who engage in such behavior have serious issues and need to reflect on their actions. The 40-year-old told Page Six this during the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year event on Tuesday night.

Paris Hilton also had strong words for those who commented on her son’s head size when she shared a photo of his first trip to New York City in October. Some comments were light-hearted, but others questioned if there was a medical issue, which deeply hurt her. People commented that he’s just got a lot on his mind and to leave the child alone. Others were genuine and concerned.

Nicky Hilton on Paris’s son

Photo: Instagram/Paris Hilton

Naturally larger

In response to a TikTok video, Paris Hilton defended her son’s health, stating that he’s perfectly fine, and they’ve consulted a doctor about his head size, which is naturally larger. She emphasized that targeting her child or anyone else’s is unacceptable, as she has worked to create an environment of love, respect, and acceptance. Paris Hilton hopes for more kindness and empathy among people. The 42-year-old mum shared that the doctor said that Phoenix has a large brain. She also said that living in the spotlight, it is inevitable to have comments but targeting her baby or anyone else’s is unacceptable.

Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, had their son, Phoenix, via surrogate in January, which was a surprise to many, even her mother, Kathy Hilton. Nicky Hilton, who has three kids of her own, mentioned that Phoenix has had playdates with his cousins and shared plans for a trip to Disneyland over the Christmas break. The conversation took place at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year event, where several female celebrities, including Selma Blair, Brooke Shields, Mary J. Blige, Millie Bobby Brown, Quinta Brunson, Geena Rocero, and America Ferrera, were honored.

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