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Nightclub dancer who wanted “Kim Kardashian bum” dies after being injected with industrial-grade silicone meant for use on airplanes




26-year-old nightclub dancer Fanny Kaina Solis Peraza died after a male beautician injected her backside with an industrial-grade silicone that is used to lubricate airplane parts, when the young woman asked the beautician to help her achieve a bum like Kim Kardashian’s.

Fanny fled Venezuela for a better in Peru and found work as a dancer in a club. In an attempt to stand out on stage at her place of employment in the city of Trujillo in the -western Peruvian department of La Libertad, Fanny sought to enhance her backside like “Kim Kardashian’s bum”.

According to Fanny’s cousin Abreu Gonzales, Fanny visited the El Virrey cosmetic salon in Peru where a beautician named Nico injected her bum with a substance after Fanny accepted the cut-rate deal the beautician offered.

Abreu says that the substance that was injected into Fanny turned out to be an airplane lubricant. Hours after the surgery, Fanny suffered a massive allergic reaction and collapsed. She fell unconscious by the time her rushed her to the , where she passed away.

Speaking to the local press, Abreu revealed that she called Nico and told him to come to the , pretending that the already deceased Fanny is seriously ill and needs for her medical bills.

Nico was arrested by the when he reached the hospital. The later revealed that the 39-year-old Nico’s real name is  Moises Angulo Chavez and that he admitted to injecting the substance into the deceased’s body.

Investigations are ongoing.



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