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No confidence motion by Ku Li a big blow to Muhyiddin

The speaker of the house is not allowing the no-confidence motion to be debated soon, saying is more important




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Minister Yassin seem to be very comfortable after opposition leader ’s visit to the Palace this week is given another blow.

A Member of Parliament from Kelantan, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who is from the , has submitted a no-confidence motion against the PM in Parliament.

simply means the Prime Minister has lost the of one MP in Parliament. Muhyiddin’s government showed it had the of at least 114 MPs in the Parliament. The August house has 222 MPs in total.

With Razaleigh’s motion, Muhyiddin now has 113 MPs on his side. There is no way to tell who else will support the motion against the PM but Umno is under pressure to quit the governemnt.

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Razaleigh’s office released a letter dated September 25 in which he urges the Speaker of the Assembly to allow a motion of no confidence against the PM.

The motion if tabled, will prove whether Muhyiddin has the majority in Parliament or he has lost the wafer thin support.

The move appears to be part of the Umno’s attempt t bring down the Muhyiddin Yassin government of which it is a member.

But a reply from the Speaker of the House Azhar Azizan Harun says government business takes precedence over private members’ bills.

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The rejection of the request by the Umno MP is bound to create waves within the ruling government.


In a separate move, Umno has officially announced on Tuesday night that it will pull its support from Muhyiddin in the coming days.

Umno is the largest ruling party in the government and if it carries out the threat,  Muhyddin’s government would automatically collapse.

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Umno’s information chief Ahmad Maslam on Tuesday said the party’s top leadership and its polit buro had decided it will withdraw from the government.

But the party also said this is only if the Perikatan Nasional leader, Muhyiddin, imposes new terms to the party.

Umno is also imposing its own conditions to continue ruling with Muhyiddin as the Prime Minister. One of these is the registration of the Muafakat Nasional, a grouping formed by Umno and the Islamists PAS, as an official coalition.

If the Bersatu of Muhyddin and the PN members agree with Umno on this point, it will mean the Perikatan Nasional government will collapse and it is the Muafakat Nasional that will govern the country.

In other words, with the Muafakat in , the Umno will have more say and more in the government.

Currently, the Umno feels it is being treated like a small party while the Bersatu is taking the biggest chunk of the government machinery.

The Bersatu holds the PM’s post, it also holds a few other central positions in states like Perak and , where it is a minority member of the coalition government.

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