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North American forum warns against China’s rise, wants India to become UNSC permanent member

The handbook states that China is "intent on undermining democracy abroad"




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, Nov. 18 — North America’s leading strategic and security forum has issued a handbook for democracies aimed at understanding the challenges that China poses to them, and it recommends supporting the inclusion of as the sixth permanent member of the UN Security Council, strengthening the Quad, and creating a global free- zone for democracies.

The 101-page handbook, titled China vs. : The Greatest Game, is also a major topic for discussion at the 2020 edition of the three-day Halifax Security Forum, which is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia in .

The forum is traditionally hosted by Canada’s minister, in this case Harjit Sajjan. The handbook was based on feedback from nearly 250 global leaders.

“The year 2020 witnessed a paradigm shift in the democratic ’s understanding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” said the forum’s president Peter Van Praagh. “(President) ’s China is now the most powerful authoritarian state in . HFX’s Handbook for Democracies gives policy makers, journalists, businesses, and members of the public a comprehensive guide to what we are up against.”

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Van Praagh expanded on this theme in the introduction to the handbook, as he noted that the forum had flagged the Chinese challenge for the past decade but it was not till this year “with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic that began in Wuhan, China, and all the uncertainty that accompanied it, that people around the world began to understand the real threat – to our supply chains, to international organisations, to the open exchange of information, to the protection of confidential information, and to of the seas and skies”.

The handbook states that China is “intent on undermining democracy abroad”, including India, and focuses on the role that the Quad – formed in 2007 by the US, India, , and – can play in this regard. It says, “The Quad’s rebirth can be seen as one of the first concrete steps on the road to clarity about Beijing’s and the need to check them.”

It also underscores the need for India to get a higher profile on the global stage, including a seat on the UNSC. “India does not have the slightest interest in being a ‘balancing power’ for anybody apart from India. It may well be emerging as a crucial balancer against Chinese power, and this would be in the interests of the entire democratic world. India is looking after its own interests. Fortunately, India’s interests and the rest of the democratic world’s converge in many areas,” the handbook says.

It adds that “the world’s democracies should push for India to become the sixth permanent member of the United Nations Security Council”.

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It also prescribed as a “long-term ambition” the creation of a “global free- zone for democracies”.

With --Canada Agreement (USMCA) and European Union’s single market as “natural building blocks”, this should be “extended to include the United Kingdom, India, Japan, South , Australia and all other Indo-Pacific democracies, as well as democracies in Africa and Central and South America”.

The 2020 edition of the forum, which begins on Friday, will feature a plenary of the topic China vs Democracy: The Greatest Game, and while its agenda includes the impact of the new US administration led by President-elect , it will also discuss topics such as Himalayan Heat: Sino-Indian Friction.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at contentservices@htlive.comHT Digital streams Ltd

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