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North Korea committed to denuclearization, formal end to Korean war




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Korean leader Kim Jong- has reiterated his commitment to denuclearization, stating that he would like to achieve complete denuclearization within ’s first term. Additionally, the North Korean leader is allegedly seeking a formal end to the Korean , according to sources.

pounced on the good news:

US Secretary of State , however, took a much more measured approach, stating that a lot of work was still needed to be done.

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“We haven’t had any nuclear tests, we haven’t had any missile tests, which we consider a good thing,” Pomepo said, “But the work of convincing Chairman Kim to make the strategic shift that we’ve talked about for a brighter for the people of North Korea continues.”

Renewed peace sentiment comes amid several gestures of goodwill from North Korea, such as the release of US prisoners and returning the remains of US soldiers that fought in the Korean war.

However, officials say that Kim will need assurances from the US and Korea in order to justify complete denuclearization. President Moon Jae-in and Kim will meet on September 18, where it is expected that peace talks will continue.

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