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North Korea reneges on US deal; move forward with missile expansion plans at 16 secret sites




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New satellite images showing that has continued to move forward with upgrading its ballistic missile program at 16 secret sites, suggest that the nation led by Kim Jong has reneged on its denuclearization deal with the .

The latest satellite images come a week after the US pulled out of a top-level negotiation between US Secretary of State and North representative Kim Yong Chol.

Earlier, North Korea appeared to uphold its end of the bargain by decommissioning one missile launch facility – the latest satellite images, though, suggest that North Korea has played the US once again.

The Center for Strategic and Studies noted: “North Korea’s decommissioning of the Sohae satellite launch facility, while gaining much attention, obscures the military threat to U.S. forces and Korea from this and other undeclared ballistic missile bases.”

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US publication, The Daily Beast, reported: “The development suggests North Korea’s promise to shut down one major test site was an attempted deception.”

Although is too early to tell whether the US-North Korea denclearization deal – that was struck up after an unprecedented meeting in in July between US and Kim – was a complete failure, it certainly appears as though North Korea has deceived the US once again.

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