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Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey are not pleased at all with Donald Trump’s use of their personal letters written to him years ago in his new book.

The book titled Letters to Trump will be released on April 25 and contains 150 letters from celebrities and politicians and includes photographs.

Many feel that it is an invasion of privacy and as the correspondence was private and this includes letters form past presidents such as Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Richard Nixon.

In addition there are letters form Michael Jackson and Princess Diana as well as foreign leaders such as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

In an interview with CBS on March 14 Winfrey said that she had written a letter to Trump in 2000 but she no longer holds the same views.

At the time she had written to Trump saying, “Too bad we’re not running for office, What a TEAM!”

“I think he’d written a book and said that he wanted me to be his running mate… if he decided to run. And when I heard that this letter is now going to be part of a book, I thought, ‘Oh, wasn’t that nice of me to write a note,’ That’s what I thought, because I’m always like, ‘Oh, I should write a note, The person did this, or I should write a note.’ “So I’m really happy that I wrote a note.”

Jay Leno Concurs With Oprah

Winfrey said that she no longer feels the same way.

“I might have thought it back then. I might have thought it 23 years ago. I’m not thinking it today,” she reiterated.

Similarly a representative of Jay Leno to Newsweek, “Jay did not release, nor authorize any use of any letter to Trump.”

The book is being published by Winning Team Publishing which is the same company that published his book Our Journey Together last year. That book grossed $20 million in sales in the first two months itself.

Letters to Trump reveals part of the incredible private collection of correspondence between President Donald J. Trump and countless world leaders, celebrities, athletes and business leaders who shaped the United States and the world,” said the publisher in a listing for the book.

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